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The rules have changed in the UK.

Fire protection regulations have changed in England for all new residential buildings, schools, hospitals, student accommodation and residential care homes over 18 metres (60 feet) tall.

From December 21st 2018 combustible cladding has been banned and is no longer considered a safe material for cladding externally.

Only European Classification A1 and A2 rated materials can be used. Any materials that fall into the class of B to F are not allowed. A1 is considered to have No Combustibility properties, and A2 rated material is considered to have Limited Combustibility. Both are much safer than the existing combustible cladding solutions that many buildings are covered in.

Fire rated entire facade systems

However, when considering fire safety, it is not limited to just the building materials but extends to the building as a whole. Especially the existing system that supports the cladding installation.

Cladding is usually secured using a metal lightweight frame substructure that envelopes the building. If fire safety measures have been upheld then this substructure is secured against what is called a fire-barrier, and any infiller material used is equally non-or
limited-combustible. Maybe something like mineral wool.

So when making decisions about your facade project it’s crucial you consider –

  • Using materials that are fully compliant with the new regulations, and
  • Installing a fully fire-rated substructure system to secure the cladding to the building.

This is all part of the new legislation and failure to comply could mean you fail your building control inspection.

Rigorous testing to international standards

Alusafe’s aluminium composite panels have been rigorously tested against internationally recognised standards and have passed with flying colours.

Alusafe provides fully compliant aluminium composite panels for the renovation and construction of buildings, as well as recommendations for fire-rated substructures.

Single-point solution means no headaches

Alusafe is aware of the complexities architects and building owners may face when detailing a façade project. Our experienced technical and design teams can offer you useful advice and help you design your exterior to be fully compliant.

And, through their network of approved professional installers, can manage the entire installation process for you. This is part of our single-point service.

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