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The Alusafe Team

The Alusafe team bring over 100 years of experience from cladding and construction to Alusafe. Their aspiration to produce a fire-rated cladding panel that could help protect occupants from the risk of fire was the driving force behind setting up the company.

Why we chose fire-resistant cladding?

It was heartfelt to witness the London Grenfell tower tragedy in 2017, and thankfully, new building regulations were put in place to reduce the chance of it happening again.

This tragedy made it clear the external cladding market needed a shakeup, and the quicker out-dated, unsafe cladding systems could be replaced with non-combustible fire-resistant ones, the more lives could potentially be saved.

The Alusafe team, based on their extensive experience in rainscreen cladding and construction, felt that they were the right team to make the shakeup.

The new legislation resulted in 100’s of buildings across the UK failing their verification inspection, confirming there was a high risk for building occupants. Something had to be done.

The Alusafe Mission Is To Make All Tall Buildings Safe And Beautiful

The Alusafe mission is to make “ALL” existing unsafe-cladded buildings that are 18 metres or taller, safer for people to live and work in, be beautiful to look at and admire. And last the full lifetime of the building. 


The Perfect Manufacturing Partner With 35 Years Experience

The Alusafe team searched the world, literally, to find a suitable manufacturing partner, and to find a way to simplify the process of re-cladding a building for building owners.

“We worked hard to find the right manufacturing partner who had the experience, history and insight to develop a state-of-the-art, highly reliable and non-combustible cladding panel. We found the best partner we could hope for. Our partner brings more than 35 years of cladding manufacturing experience with them and specifically, over 12 years of fire-rated cladding production. They produce over 7.5 Million square metres of cladding every year that meets the highest of testing standards. Their manufacturing facilities are amazing! It’s very exciting.”

Faisal Khan, Director, Alusafe ACM Ltd

The result of this partnership has led Alusafe to develop a high-quality panel that comes in virtually unlimited colours and finishes; even in your own brand or corporate colour.

Each panel is rigid, lightweight, flat, resistant to extreme weather and atmospheric conditions, and, most importantly, is fire-retardant.

Each panel can be bent and shaped to fulfil all your design requirements without losing it’s fire resistant properties. Perfect for modern design.

Upto 40 Years Warranty

Forty years is a long time and this is a testament to the quality of the Alusafe ACM panel. Made from quality materials throughout and assembled in the best way possible on state of the art machinery to your exacting specifications, Alusafe is proud to offer up to 40 years warranty on their fire-rated aluminium composite panels, depending on the colour and finish you specify.

You’ll look at your building many years from now knowing you made the right decision.


An Amazing Client Service

An improvement in customer service through a National Network of reliable, qualified fabricators

Through a network of qualified professional installers that have been hand-picked for their outstanding quality of work, Alusafe is able to provide you a single-point solution. This means you save time, cost and headache.

They can manage your entire external cladding replacement programme, and install everything including replacing doors, windows and curtain walling if that’s required. 

Our Principles And Values

Alusafe’s no.1 principle is, “Help clients get what they want.”

The company motto is, “Clients are our priority.” This isn’t just a platitude. It’s real. Alusafe believes that if they can make you happy with the process AND the final outcome then they win too. That’s why the Alusafe team is obsessive about every project they manage.

Alusafe have developed a culture of always looking for improvements. Working closely with architects, builders, fabricators and their manufacturing partner, the Alusafe team are constantly looking for ways to improve the way cladding is designed, manufactured, specified and installed. Always be improving.

Our Five Core Beliefs

  1. We believe in fire-safety first, but without compromise. We still want your building to look beautiful.
  2. We believe our clients are the reason we exist. That’s why we are client obsessed. We want to make every part of the journey simple, easy and straightforward.
  3. We believe we have the best value, fully compliant, fire-rated panels available for your building.
  4. We believe we have the right technical expertise and flexibility to meet everyone’s design and project requirements. At least we will commit to trying our darn hardest to make it happen.
  5. We believe in longevity. We design for the long term. That’s why we are the only panel providers who offer up to a 40-year warranty on the quality of our product.

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